Wild Life

Wildlife Management is the body responsible for planning, development and control the flora and fauna of the country under the Conservation of Wildlife Act No. 7317 and its regulations according to Decree No. 32633- MINAE.
The Law of Conservation of Wildlife No. 7317, 1998; aims to preserve, protect and control the wildlife of Costa Rica. Wildlife is comprised of the continental and insular fauna that lives in natural temporary or permanent conditions in the country and, flora living in natural conditions in the country.
In that sense wildlife can only be given special appropriation and trading by the provisions of international treaties, international agreements, in the present law and its regulations.
Costa Rica has a great natural wealth, about 5% of the species described worldwide, as they have been described over 8500 species of plants, 220 species of reptiles, 160 species of amphibians, 205 species of mammals and 850 species birds; however, the destruction of habitat by deforestation, poaching, the indiscriminately use of pesticides, illegal pet trade and the lack of values of Wildlife have caused the decline in populations of many species to levels that make threaten their survival.
Officially, they are recognized  85 species of birds, 15 mammals, 81 amphibians and 28 reptiles with reduced or threatened populations and 17 species of birds, 13 mammals, amphibians are recognized 2 (included here the golden toad, a species with no reports in last six years) and 8 of reptiles with endangered populations.
The águila harpía  (harpy eagle) became extinct in the country; while other species such as the scarlet macaw, green macaws, piche careto (little armored one)  and giant anteater, are highly endangered. Our system of protected areas appears to be insufficient for species such as the jaguar, as they require large tracts of virgin forest to survive.
The flora and fauna are the heritage of all Costa Ricans, and its long-term conservation is a challenge that concerns us all, that is why the efforts of the Ministry of Environment and Energy will not succeed without the cooperation of all Costa Ricans. Therefore, the Wildlife Department, through the National System of Conservation Areas has undertaken various actions to increase the chances of Wildlife Conservation, among which include:
1.    The establishment of a program to encourage the creation of Private Wildlife Refuges.
2.     Development of a decree aimed at protecting the mountain almond tree population’s which feeds the green macaw.
3.    Re introduction studies are made to the natural habitat of species such as felines and scarlet macaws.