Tourism Program

Reaching the top of the Chirripó Mountain could be a reality for you. A complete tour for two people is one of the prizes offered by the photographic contest promoted by the project: Strengthening Program for Sustainable Tourism in Protected Areas.
Since October 2011, the National System of Conservation Areas (SINAC) has been developing this initiative, whose funding comes from the loan signed by the Government of Costa Rica with the Inter-American Development Bank (BID – Banco Interamericano de Desarrollo).
 "The goal is to strengthen tourism in protected wilderness Areas (ASP) of Costa Rica, as a tool to improve the sustainable management and contribute to the social and economic development of the neighboring communities of these places," said Guisselle Mendez, project coordinator.
Three way project
The execution was scheduled around three components:

Investment for tourism development: It focus on improvements in tourism infrastructure of ASP in both its internal and external part, through agreements with municipalities.

Sustainable management of tourism: It seeks to develop strategies and instruments to improve tourism in the ASP and neighboring communities.

Institutional Strengthening: Includes SINAC officials training. In addition, it relates to the development of a website for the Program of Tourism, tourism marketing strategy - which covers 10 ASP – improvement of the entity´s financial programs and revenue collection through tickets purchasing and on line reservations.

Invitation to enjoy
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