What are Biosphere Reserves?

When the human population was low on our planet, nature continued its pace of growth without major changes and stayed healthy, at properly harmony; until human population began to increase significantly each day and change our way of life, exploiting natural resources indiscriminately, to the point that some irreversible damage were generated.
Therefore, in 1974 UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) supported by governments of many countries, created the Biosphere Reserves, as an alternative to manage a proper coexistence between human beings and nature in a balanced, fair and equitable manner, allowing the conservation of important ecosystems.
Then, Biosphere Reserves are internationally recognized areas of the planet, maintaining the sovereignty of their countries, selected by the scientific interest in their ecological, biological and cultural value, and where the inhabitants of these territories develop socio-economic, human and conservation activities, endeavoring sustainability.
Biosphere Reserves promote research and education and the exchange of experiences between the various actors who live there. Also they are always seeking to reduce poverty, respect for the identity of peoples and their cultural values.