Importance of Biosphere Reserves

They represent an excellent alternative to implement a harmonious relationship between human and nature. Recognizing all values that natural resources and biodiversity contribute to humanity.
Gene banks:
The diversity of genes, plant and animal species, ecosystems and landscapes on the planet are more and more threatened. Biodiversity is a source of food, fiber, medicines and raw materials for industry and construction.
Healthy Ecosystems:
They Strengthen the maintenance of the systems that support life; preventing soil erosion, protecting the water springs; and decomposers agents facilitating recycling of nutrients and absorbing air / water pollutants.
Open classrooms:
They are places to research about the organization and the dynamic movement of natural resources including humans.
They allow through research to recreate the landscapes that have been affected by human activity, identify species that have disappeared, monitor climate change processes, for seeking recovery of ecosystems and their components and make better decisions.
Land Use Planning:
They Manage land use planning in a participatory manner. All sectoral groups, landowners, public institutions, scientists, farmers, industry, conservation groups, immersed in these territories can discuss conflicts and common interests, and work together to coordinate the search for a comprehensive land management.
Facilitate the empowerment of local governments and facilitate the joint search for solutions to social and environmental problems.
They are spaces where sustainable economic practices are developed. They allow not only the protection of soil, but also of water and species of wild plants and animals, among others.
Environmental Education:
They are sites that facilitate the way to know and learn about the dynamics of natural ecosystems. And help the recovery of these.
Promote peace, harmony and the rescue of traditional activities.