Management and Forest Utilization

This technical unit aims to ensure the conservation, protection and management of natural forests and the production, exploitation, industrialization and the development of forest resources in the country, according to the principle of appropriate and sustainable use of renewable natural resources.

Plan, design, organize and coordinate developed and emanated policies from the Program for Sustainable Forest Management.

Develop policies for the use of forest resources on agricultural lands without forest, in the country.

Socialize national policies on management and use of public and private entities in the forestry sector.

Develop, update and facilitate training to officials of the Conservation Areas in the implementation of policies, guidelines, manuals, use of new technologies and others; necessary for their good performance.

Develop and standardize nationwide procedures, to help improve the management of multiple-use areas.

Monitor technical, administrative and scientific work of Forest Management Program.

Promote and support genetic conservation of forest ecosystems.

Organizing and attending forums about forest issues, meetings, seminars and other activities, national and international.

Plan and develop strategic actions based on the National Forestry Development Plan, SINAC Strategic and Annual Operating Plan, Executive Direction, and Forest Management Development.

Follow up on productive activities and identify new opportunities for use and management of forest resources.

Coordinate and participate in the formulation and revision of laws, decrees, regulations, administrative rulings and guidelines for timber harvesting.

Develop technical, legal and administrative criteria for planning and evaluation of forest resources usage.