SINAC´s Research Strategy

Although the legal and institutional framework reaffirms the importance of research as an essential part of SINAC´s everyday work, there are still some relevant weaknesses along the entire knowledge management process, where the adequacy, disclosure, socialization and use of the results are probably the weakest linkages.


That is why SINAC´s Research Strategy has been reformulated through a highly participative construction process, which included the development of several diagnoses and a series of technical workshops. As a final result, the profile and strategic guidelines that SINAC´s Research Program should follow for the next decade have been outlined.


According to this approach, the purpose of research at SINAC is to support decision-making for the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity and the ecosystem services it provides, so that it also contributes to improving human well-being. Likewise, its vision for the next ten years is that scientific-technical research is developed and its results are analyzed and disseminated, in a pertinent and timely manner, with the support of a technological platform, thus positively influencing the effective management of biodiversity and ecosystem services. In order for SINAC to reach this outcomes, it have been proposed such values as commitment, reciprocity, respect, objectivity, and ethics. In addition, SINAC´s role in research includes be a part of it, as well as to facilitate, to promote, to execute, to communicate and, ultimatly, to lead these processes.


Therefore, research strategic framework has been divided into four strategic axes, three of them based on the pillars of the knowledge management cycle and a fourth one focused on the financial sustainability of SINAC´s Research Program:


  • 1st strategic axis: Identification of needs and research contents orientation.

  • 2nd strategic axis: Systematization, analysis and transfer of research results.

  • 3rd strategic axis: Use of research results in decisión-making processes.

  • 4th strategic axis: Financial sustainability for research at SINAC


For each of these four strategic axes, goals and activities have been developed in the National Action Plan, which focus on concrete actions for the generation, dissemination and use of research results and financing. Likewise, three-year regional action plans have been generated for each Conservation Area, which have converged in such actions as strengthening SINAC´s Research Program thru personnel and financing, building a common research agenda and establishing key partnerships with Academia, as well as transforming of research activities at every conservation area into a cross-cutting issue, building staff capacities and developping a technological platform for information management.


Estrategia Nacional de Investigación del SINAC (ENI) 2014-2024​


Agenda de Investigación del SINAC​