Out Consultations

Executive Secretary
Headquaters, San José
Phone: 2522-6500
Fax: 2248-2451
Email: info@sinac.go.cr
Avenida 15 Calle 1º (Tournón Neighborhood, South side of ULACIT)

Huétar Norte Conservation Area (ACAHN)
Regional Office, Ciudad Quesada
Phone: 2460-0055 / 2460-1412
Fax: 2460-0644
Email: acahn.info@sinac.go.cr
Address: 150 meters north and 200 meters east from Hospital de San Carlos, Ciudad Quesada, San Carlos, Alajuela.
Arenal Tempisque Conservation Area (ACAT)
Regional Office, Tilarán
Phone: 2695-5180
Fax: 2695-6570
Email: ACATGrupo@sinac.go.cr
Guanacaste, Tilaran, from Police Office 275 meters south, next to Fire Station, white corner building.
Guanacaste Conservation Area (ACG)
Regional Office, Liberia
Phone: 2666-0630
Fax: 2666-3101
Email: acg.info@sinac.go.cr
Address: From Liberia traffic lights, 33 kilometers north and 7 kilometers to the west.
La Amistad Caribe Conservation Area (ACLAC)
Regional Office, Limón Neighborhood Los Corales
Phone: 2758-6612 / 2758-6509
Fax: 2758-6631 / 2758-6632
Email: aclac.info@sinac.go.cr
Address: Limón , Cantón Central , First district , 50 meters south from Registro Civil.
La Amistad Pacífico Conservation Area (ACLAP)
Regional Office, Peréz Zeledón
Phone: 2771-3155
Fax: 2771-3297
Email: aclap.info@sinac.go.cr
Address: Pérez Zeledón, Daniel Flores, Villa Ligia Neighborhood. 100 meters East  and 100 meters south from UNED.
Cordillera Volcánica Central Conservation Area (ACC)
Regional Office, San Miguel de Santo Domingo, Heredia
Phones: 2268-8091/ 2268-8087
Fax: 2268-8096
Email: acc.info@sinac.go.cr
Address: From second crossing at San Miguel de Santo Domingo de Heredia 450 meters to the northeast, on the Braulio Carrillo  road 

Cocos Marine Conservation Area (ACMC)
Regional Office, San José
Phone: 2291-1215/ 2291-1216
Fax: 2291-1264
Email: acmic.info@sinac.go.cr
Osa Conservation Area (ACOSA)
Regional Office, Golfito
Phone: 2775-1210
Fax: 2775-9010
Email: ACOSAGrupo@sinac.go.cr
Address: 800 meters north from Golfito Airstrip, Antiguo Naranjal
Tempisque Conservation Area (ACT)
Regional Office, Nicoya
Phone: 2686-4967
Fax: 2686-4969
Email: act.info@sinac.go.cr
Address: South Side of New Catholic Temple, Nicoya, Guanacaste
Tortuguero Conservation Area (ACTO)
Regional Office, Guápiles
Phone: 2710-2929
Fax: 2710-7673
Email: acto.info@sinac.go.cr
Address: Old road to Jiménez de Pococí, besides the Santa Clara River bridge.

Pacífico Central Conservation Area (ACOPAC)
Regional Office, Puriscal
Phone: 2416-7068
Fax: 2416-5017
Email: acopac.info@sinac.go.cr
Address: 1800 meters to the east of Santiago de Puriscal EBAIS, Santa Cecilia Neighborhood, San Rafael road.