Cooperation Projects

In accordance with Article 22 of Biodiversity Law, SINAC has the devolved powers in forestry, wildlife, protected areas and the protection and conservation of the use of watersheds and water systems, in order to dictate policy, planning and execute processes aimed at achieving sustainability in the management of natural resources in Costa Rica. SINAC's Strategic Plan for the period 2010-2015, in its Strategic Objective 8.2 states that the institution should "strengthen the management of technical and financial cooperation in accordance with corporate goals."
In this way and in order to contribute to this strategic objective, SINAC formulates, negotiates and implements projects for cooperation in different areas of its powers and thereby strengthening the governance and improving their capabilities. In November 2012, they were running 14 cooperation projects, and the details of each one of them can be viewed at the following link:

The management of national and international cooperation in the SINAC, is an ongoing process and it has been defined as prominence part of the institutional activities, in order to continue with the collaboration of various aid agencies to contribute to the achievement of institutional and conservation objectives, management and sustainable use of natural resources and biodiversity in general.