Poás Volcano and its surrounding tourist offer

The Poás canton is a privileged place for three reasons; one of them is its water resource, as it is a mountainous area with valuable aquifer. In addition, it has one of the most visited parks, both Costa Ricans and foreigners: the Poas Volcano National Park. The colossus is a mandatory stop between tourists and has the most active lagoon in the world, according to data from the National Seismological Network (RSN). Finally, Poás has a very pleasant climate, not only for those who visit it, but is ideal for residential development and agricultural activities. The climate favors the cultivation and the cattle ranch, for this we can find from milk producing estates, fields of strawberries, crops and exports of ferns and flowers in the high zones, to the cultivation of coffee and the cane in most of the Poás territory. Among the typical Poás foods we find: the arracache mince, the grapefruit honey, the wedding cake and the famous sobaos. (Taken from the Community of B.I. of Costa Rica, ASOBITICO, 2017).

The Chamber of Commerce, Agribusiness and Tourism of the Poás canton began operations on August 11, 1998. The Chamber is currently headed by a Board of Directors, which is responsible for promoting projects and developing training in agreements with institutions, for the Well of the affiliates and the canton. In addition, this group is willing to accept in its bosom any affiliated person who wishes to present any particular topic or who wants to know more about the progress of this Association.
​Poás Volcano Legend

Poás Volcano Legend tells how the bird known as Rualdo (Chlorophonia callophrysv) obtained its plumage, as well as the origin of the lagoon that occupies the crater of the volcano.

Poás Volcano, located in the Central Volcanic Cordillera, is one of the most active volcanoes in the country, considered one of the natural wonders of Costa Rica. About this colossus, there are legends that the Indians of the region, belonging to the tribes of porpoises and huetares, made human sacrifices in their crater. One legend says that, in pre-Hispanic times, an indigenous tribe lived on the side of the mountain. In this tribe, there was a beautiful orphaned maiden, who lived alone on a ranch, and who once picked up a little Rualdo, an orphan like her, whom she cared for and protected. One day, suddenly the volcano woke up, threatening to destroy the town with its gases and lava. The priests of the tribe interpreted that the god that inhabited in the volcano wanted a human sacrifice, so they decided to sacrifice to the beautiful maiden of the Rualdo. She was carried to the crater, and when she was to be devoured by the flames, the sweet trill of the Rualdo was heard, that offered to the volcano its singing instead of the life of the woman. The volcano, compassionate, was fading until only the lagoon that is currently in its crater remains. The Rualdo could never sing again, but in return, it obtained a beautiful plumage, gilded by the heat of the flames of the volcano. This one, from time to time, remembers the song of the bird, and then lets out late cries in the form of jets of hot steam.
​Recreation Park Los Manantiales: It is a recreational center offering to the visitor an atmosphere full of pure air, areas for practicing sports such as swimming, canopy, soccer, hiking, among others. Los Manantiales, in addition to have a warm climate and an astonishing mountainous landscape characteristic of the area, has an incomparable natural beauty.

Fraijanes Lagoon: It is a recreational center that offers cabins, camping area, boats in the lagoon, recreation areas for children, green areas and ranches with barbeque.

Bosques de Fraijanes: They have many activities to do such as: walking on the paths astonishing the beauty of nature. These trails in turn lead you to the rising water, to enjoy the river. There is an amphitheater, which makes the visitor being able to disconnect from the routine in an extraordinary and wonderful way. All this can be complemented by an outdoor lunch or on the ranches, enjoying the beautiful viewpoints while the children have fun in the play area with the extreme canoes to slide on the grass, farm area, suspension bridge, park children's.

Corso Lechería Tours: A wonderful tour through nature trails, strawberry fields, viewpoints to the Poás and Barva volcanoes. In addition, it offers a visit to the dairy, mini farm, artisan factory of cheeses and restaurant of typical foods. A unique rural experience!

Coffee Tour Los Volcanes: tours are offered to groups interested in the process of planting and toasting coffee. Come and learn how a coffee bean goes from the plant to your cup.

Truchas Fraijanes: Enjoy fishing for delicious Trout (Salmo trutta) and its flavor in a pleasant environment.
​Chamber of Commerce, Agribusiness and Tourism of Poás.
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