Volunteer Program

Executive Decree No. 36812- MINAE: regulation of volunteer activities in the National System of Conservation Areas  

What is the Voluntary Service in the SINAC?
The actions developed through volunteering require proper organization and coordination with various agencies, institutions, organizations and companies, domestic or international, community associations and individuals.
How does it work? The voluntary service provided in the SINAC, is performed individually by individuals, organizations or members of local community groups, as well as organizations, institutions and private, international, national and regional companies that organize and implement volunteer activities.
Volunteers Categories
The volunteers that offer their services in the SINAC, are listed in the following categories:
Category 1: Members of national organizations, national institutions and national private companies that organize and implement volunteer activities in the SINAC.
Category 2: Members of international organizations, international institutions and private international companies that organize and run volunteer actions in the SINAC.
Category 3: Members of local organizations, local community groups and local private companies engaged in volunteer activities SINAC.
Category 4: individuals engaged in volunteer activities in the SINAC, individually
Requirements for voluntary organizations, categories, "1 2.3" 
  • Every organization, private or international institution, national, at regional or local level that seeks to make actions, activities or projects related to volunteer service, must establish an agreement with the SINAC, where must be stipulated developing objectives, obligations and responsibilities of the parties.
  • Have a basic accidents insurance policy, in order to cover the volunteers in case of accident or another by the time they provide volunteer service in the SINAC and in the case of foreign policy, it should include coverage for repatriation. For this purpose the organization, private enterprise or institution must submit a certification of the insurer which specifies the type of policy that volunteers have from their organization or failing that, the individual policy of each volunteer. .
  • If volunteers are minors, they shall comply with the provisions of Article 11, subsection m) of this regulation.
  • Cover the costs of food and transportation of volunteers to where the service would be provided, as well as any other costs that may arise due to unforeseen circumstances.
  • Keeping volunteers informed, by means of various advertising and promotion methods used by the organization, private companies or national or international institution, about the fact the SINAC provides the accommodations for volunteers within the ASP during the provision of volunteering at no cost.
  • Keeping an internal updated register regarding all volunteers.
  • Train volunteers on the objectives and nature of the work they perform in the protected areas or in the administrative offices of SINAC, as well as with regard to their rights, duties and prohibitions, in accordance with the provisions in this regulation.
  • Comply with the provisions in force in the protected areas and administrative offices of SINAC, legal and administrative matters and any other guideline issued in this matter by the respective authorities.
  • Ensure compliance with the plan of work for the period of retention of volunteers in the protected areas or in the administrative offices of SINAC.
  • Proof of no employer debts with the Costa Rican Social Security.
  • Affidavit in which the organization revealed that volunteers have undergone internal controls matched for selection, in terms of behavior and criminal record.

Basic requirements that will apply to the particular volunteer category "4"
  • Present a health certificate with up to 3 months issued before entering the place where volunteer service is going to be provided. It could be in English or Spanish language.
  • Provide crime sheet or equivalent document.
  • Have a basic accidents insurance policy and in the case of foreign policy, it must also contain coverage for repatriation cases. 
  • Volunteers should cover feed costs during the whole volunteering time and transport costs of moving to where the volunteer is going to provide the volunteering service.
  • If volunteers are minors, they shall be accompanied by the head of the group or the parent or their tutor, who would be a volunteer too; by the time the volunteering service is given, and they will be responsible for ensuring compliance with the rules set forth in volunteering regulations.
​​SINAC Volunteers Program Officer SINAC: Cecilia Montero 25226500  cecilia.montero@sinac.go.cr
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