Chirripó National Park

Unique experience at the peak
​The satisfaction of reaching the highest point of the country is the main but not the only reason that attracts visitors to this place.
Stunning views, exotic bird watching and a tour across moorland and glacial lakes are part of the experience you can live in this park.
In Chirripó, each site is unique. Since the beginning of the course the view is refreshed by premontane forests and their great diversity of species. Then there is the cloud forest, full of epiphytes plants (air plants) covering the trunks and branches of trees.
One of the main attractions of the park is bird watching, because along the way you can find several species such as the quetzal, the goldfinch and serranera lechucita.
With this visit you will not only delight your senses, but also contribute to the development and welfare of neighboring communities to acquire the associated services such as baggage transport, accommodation, food and souvenir sales.
•  Every day from 8am to 12m. and 1 pm to 4:00 pm.
•  For reservations, it is only open from Monday to Friday at the same schedule.
* You cannot make reservations on holidays.
•  National residents: ¢ 4,000
•  Foreign non-residents: $ 18


  • Drinking water
  • Areas for lunch
  • Toilets
  • Sightseeing place
  • Parking


Some services, such as lodging, recreational equipment rental, sale of food and transportation of materials and luggage, have been concessioned to a consortium of local organizations called Aguas Eternas.

    Main Attractions
    The Crestones: They are mountain formations caused by folding of the earth's crust; considered a national symbol. Here stand the panoramic view of the Talamanca Mountain Range and the Pacific and Atlantic oceans.
    Chirripo: The highest point of the country and the second in Central America. Its peak is 3,820 meters above sea level.
    Cerro Ventisquero: From here you can contemplate the entire park. There are usually strong winds.
    Sabana de los Leones: It is the only high lands savannah in the country. Here are different types of vegetation and sightseeing places to valley of General.
    El valle de las Morrenas: (The Valley of the Morrenas): Covered by moor vegetation, within it you can see glacial lakes that drain their waters to the Chirripó river.
    The Valley of the Lakes: Its three glacial lakes give rise to the Chirripó River.
    • ​Respect the regulations for public use of the park.
    • All provisions from the park rangers must be followed, in case anything happens, go to the park officers.
    • Respect the hours of operation of the park.
    • Look after your belongings.
    • Stay within the trails.
    • Do not carry weapons of any kind.
    • Avoid feeding the animals and leaving leftovers behind, this could affect animal diet and behavior.
    • Visiting with pets is not allowed.
    • The extraction of plants, animals, rocks or materials is not allowed.
    • Do not smoke or enter the park with drugs or alcohol.
    • Garbage is not part of the natural environment. Please pick it up and put it in the trash cans or dispose of it out of the park.
    • Do not practice sports, make noises or act in a way that could disturb the peace and the resources of the park.
    • Bonfires are not allowed.
    • Eating is only allowed in the areas marked for this purpose. It is not allowed in the lookout points.