Research permits without genetic access

Authorizations for research permits without genetic access may involve research permits and collection licenses, both for scientific and educational purposes.

To request the respective authorization, the following form must be completed and those requirements detailed in the document “Ruta para investigar la biodiversidad de flora y fauna silvestre en Costa Rica” ("Route to research biodiversity in Costa Rica") must be duly attached, depending on the type of authorization required.

Should you want to export the samples obtained under the research permit and the corresponding collection licenses, an export permit must also be requested.

In this regard, the following form must be completed and sent in full and signed (by digital signature certificate or in hard copy) to Javier Guevara (, National Wildlife Program official responsible of this process, along with a copy of the respective research permit (previously granted by SINAC). His office is located on the first floor at the Executive Secretariat of SINAC, in San José.

The research project document, as well as the results and collection reports, must comply with the minimum information described in the guides that are available for download below.