Procedures and Consultations

In compliance with the Law on Protection of citizens from excessive administrative requirements and procedures No. 8220, it is available to the citizen, the details of the services and products offered by the National System of Conservation Areas.
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Regulations Base
• Citizen Protection Act for requirements and excess paperwork, No. 8220 04-03 / 02 (published in issue 26 of Official Gaceta No.  42 of 11/03/02).
• Regulation Act 8220 Citizen Protection Excess on Requirements and Administrative Procedures, Decree No. 32565-MEIC of 28/04/2005 (published in Official Gaceta No. 166 of 30/08/05).
• 12/02/03Guideline: Instructs Public Administration organs and entities, central and decentralized, and state-owned enterprises, the duty to periodically review procedures and requirements that are made to its administrative unit or agency (published in Scope No. 13 to the Official  Gaceta No. 35 of 19/02/03).
• Regulations on the Procedures and Service Platforms Catalog, Decree No. 35358 of 23/06/08 (published in Official Gaceta No. 136 of 15/07/09).
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