Cerro Tortuguero: Living in Harmony with Nature

The community of San Francisco de Tortuguero, is located at the foot of Cerro Tortuguero, so its population is vital in the processes of conservation of natural and cultural resources present in the area.

The Association of Integral Development of San Francisco de Tortuguero as such, is composed of people who dedicate a space of their time in communal work for the benefit of its population.

This Association becomes the catalyst of economic resources to insert the community. All this, in a dynamic that allows natural resources to benefit through conservation.

The tourist operation in Cerro Tortuguero, through the usage permission with the San Francisco Integral Development Association, is governed by the Visitor Flow Management Tool of Cerro Tortuguero (SINAC, 2016), which establishes all parameters to continue for a sustainable operation.
​The community of San Francisco de Tortuguero was born in the early 1990s, when the area around Cerro Tortuguero began to be populated by a few families from nearby areas. Around 10 families gave origin to the Cerro Tortuguero settlement, as it was known at the beginning. Little by little the population grew and the community was renamed San Francisco, counting on about 120 houses, a school, sports plaza, some local businesses and an Association of Integral Development.

San Francisco, has gradually had a transition from being a predatory settlement of resources, towards a community that protects natural resources, mainly Cerro Tortuguero, which has become a tourist attraction that the community itself co-administers.
​Mirador Cerro Tortuguero (sightseeing place): The viewpoint is located at the highest point of Cerro Tortuguero, where you can see the entire network of canals of Tortuguero National Park.

Bocana de Laguna Tortuguero: From this Bocana you can see the Caribbean Sea and the mouth of the Tortuguero Lagoon, just in front of Tortuguero Hill.

Collection center: In the community, there is a picturesque collection center, which is used for the collection and treatment of solid waste, generated in the community.

Yolillal Group: It is a group of artisans, who own a small place, where they display their products to the visitors.

Pulpería San Francisco: It is a traditional establishment typical of the area, which offers products such as water, soft drinks, snacks and ice creams, among others.
​Verónica Rivera Mora
Administradora Operador de Turismo Rural ADI San Francisco (Rural Tourism Operator ADI San Francisco - Administrator)
Phone: (506) 2709-8226
E-mail: reservacionescerrotortuguero@gmail.com