Project Description

Law No. 8967, dated October 5, 2011, approves Loan Contract No. 1824 / OC-CR and its Single Annex between the Republic of Costa Rica and the Inter-American Development Bank, to finance the Program of Tourism in Protected Wildlife Areas. The executing agency is the Ministry of Environment, Energy and Telecommunications (MINAET), currently the Ministry of Environment and Energy (MIANE), through the National System of Conservation Areas (SINAC).

The overall objective of the Program is "Consolidate tourism in Costa Rican State Wildlife Protected Areas (ASP by it spanish acronym for Áreas Silvestres Protegidas), as a tool to strengthen its sustainable management, contributing directly to local socio-economic development and conservation of natural resources."

The specific objectives of the Program are: a) To achieve greater income and financial sustainability for SINAC, and in particular for Protected Wildlife Areas, through investments for the sustainable development of tourism in and around these areas. b) Achieve greater socio-economic and environmental benefits in the municipalities and communities surrounding the ASPs. c) Achieve the institutional strengthening of SINAC.

Program has a subcomponent called "Sustainable Management of Tourism by the Private Sector", which is aimed at: Local Tourism Chambers, Development Committees, Microenterprises, Non-Governmental Organizations, and Community Organizations (including Indigenous Organizations), directly involved in aspects relevant to micro regional tourism development, and linked to tourism products identified in the ASP Tourism Plans; and whose objective is directly related to the specific objective d) mentioned above, mainly for the communities surrounding the ASP.

With the creation of this web subsite, it is expected to motivate the tourists that enter the ASP, so that they also visit the surrounding communities, where they can find a varied tourist offer; including the natural, cultural and architectural wealth, they possess.

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